Monday, December 17, 2007

My AMAZING Weekend

Last weekend sure was great. And because it was so great, I'm tired and not interested in paragraphs. Instead, I will write in list form:

[] Work was actually pretty fun, despite having all-day training on abortion. We got to play with Koosh balls and Play-Doh while we learned.
[] My coworker, Diana, and I went to an awesome store called Pistachio (like Black Ink for my Boston folk) after work, where I found a gorgeous (and inexpensive) pair of silver hoops as well as a gift for our Tacky Gift Exchange at the office party on Thursday. It's a wallet with a bacon print.
[] Diana and I met up with Steve for dinner and then went to a play in the middle of nowhere. Dinner: surprisingly fabulous Mexican fare; the play: not horrible.
[] AND THEN...Jay and Bobbie arrived that night (around midnight or 1:00, I think), as Steve and I watched The Sarah Silverman Program and other time-killers on Comedy Central On Demand. We stayed up and talked/loved on each other like old times.

[] We got up, enjoyed some coffee, and eventually left for Philly. We had trouble finding parking near the Art Museum and we were HUNGRY, so we ate the museum cafeteria (not great). The museum, however, was better than I expected/remembered (especially since I didn't really remember anything but the Rocky steps from when I was there in 8th grade). Some stand-outs: Monet's Japanese Footbridge, Chagall's ginormous Wheat Field on a Summer's Afternoon, and several Dalis and Miros.

[] Moving on, we then got crazy-lost in Philly because the Art Museum District is confusing as all hell. But, eventually, we found Fabric Row where Jay attempted to find the non-existent black silk (or silk taffeta) with black stripes. He was directed to a store in Boston.
[] We then made our way to South Street for some cheesesteaks at Jim's (delicious) and coffee at Starbucks (also delicious, though extremely delayed). Neat location, though...all of their seating is upstairs, so you get a pretty cool people-watching view of South Street.
[] After going to Target to find some pajama pants for Jay (unfortunately not camo) and touching everything in sight like children, we went back to my house and watched-get this- SPICE WORLD in celebration of the Girls glorious reunion. Majah.

[] LAZY!!! We went to this little breakfast joint near my house that has freakin old Trivial Pursuit cards on the tables. Our waitress was feisty and our food, delicious.
[] Jay cut my hair. It's ADORABLE.
[] We sat around.
[] We exhchanged gifts. I got the ridiculously cozy boot-slippers (blipper/sloots) from Old Navy. I gave Bobbie gnome-y pajama pants and a pretty mug, and Jay a book on napkin folding.
[] I made nachos with this odd-tasting cheese I bought. It tastes way better melty.
[] We went to dinner in Old City at this Belgian place we found for Steve's birthday. Upon arriving, about half of the amazing menu was missing. Turns out they got a new executive chef. Bastards. Dinner was still tasty enough.
[] We went back home and ate ice cream, sat around, and watched Family Guy. I fell asleep on the couch and eventually had to force myself to get in bed.
[] I freakin love those freakin guys.

The End. Pictures coming soon. Right, Bobbie?

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Bobbie said...

RIGHT! : ) So good seeing you monkey! How am I going to last until next time? *sigh*