Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve, chilluns!

So I am waiting for breakfast to start...I made my family's traditional Christmas egg and bell pepper dish this morning and it's currently cooling, making the house smell delicious. We're having it today because Steve's mom has to work all day on Christmas. We're also doing Christmas dinner tonight and...PRESENTS!!

After breakfast (I think), Steve is taking me somewhere for one my surprises. I don't really know for sure because he isn't giving me ANY hints. We did agree to exchange gifts between the two of us tomorrow when we get pack to our house, but there's one from him, for me, under the tree here at his parents' house! I wonder if it's another little something he has up his sleeve or if his mom bought it for me and thought it should be from him instead.

I love the suspense of this holiday. I need a Hitchcock-esque soundtrack following me around.

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