Wednesday, December 5, 2007


It worked!!

As you can see, the stitching isn't the prettiest work in the world, but I figured function must prevail over fashion-- at least in the early stages of a project such as this. I like how it kind of looks like a Christmas tree in the front.

I need more practice (and perhaps some of those mini roses made out of ribbon!) before taking orders.

In other news, my skin has been horrible lately because of:
1. Eczema (hands and legs)
2. Perioral Dermatitis, I think (face)
3. Acne (face)
Sorry, this is probably too much information, huh?

Auuuugh, I'm almost 23, isn't acne supposed to have gone away by now??? Maybe I'm being punished for all the years I had flawless skin. But I worked for it!!! It's not like I just HAD it, jeez! Anyway, here's a nice one of me messin' around with Proactiv's Refining Mask (the only worthwhile part of their system, if I may play Oprah for a moment also):

Perhaps all will clear up when the sun comes out again (the only treatment that has been proven to work for me). Maybe I can get a prescription tanning membership from a dermatologist....


Bobbie said...

1. Eczema YES! (mostly back and
2. Perioral Dermatitis YES? Or eczema/severely dry skin (face!)
3. Acne (face!)

I agree, 23 = too old for all of this nonsense. Plus, HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT MY FACE IS BOTH DRY AND OILY ENOUGH TO MAKE PIMPLES?! It just doesn't mak sense, dammit. Boooooooooooooo! Booooooooooooo! Ahem. Boo.

If this doesn't go away after this semester, I am definitely going to start tanning once in a while again... I have just been holding out because of $.

And, yay for frankenbra!

Bobbie said...

Oh yeah... and how does frankenbra feel?

Madmom said...

Ah, so how does the bra feel? Does it look wrong or right under your clothes? I looked at the patent stuff, it just went on so long, is it the same idea as yours? The dr in the paper said Vick's rub works for eczema sometimes, it is worth a try. How about a photo of the bra on (under clothes of course!)

Bobbie said...

I wonder if the Vick's rub is just b/c of the menthol? Several medicated lotions also contain this without as strong a smell... or is there another reason it is magical? (B/c it is almost your name, perhaps? HMM?)

Having had eczema for 23 terrible years now, I feel like I have tried EVERYTHING. I have a new, prescription cream that works in two or three days... the only problem is the color (peanut butter) that stains clothes and sheets, consistency (vaseline) that is disgustingly greasy, and smell (TAR... because it CONTAINS TAR). Um, gross. Not helpful. Still, it has already gotten so bad that I've used this ten or so times this semester. One day after I didn't go to class because I still stunk.

Did I mention Boo? I am so grumpy.