Friday, December 7, 2007

It Had to Be Me

I am giving myself a gym membership for Christmas. I found one in between work and home that is running an amazing deal. Perhaps it will cure my crankies/exhaustion.

Tonight, Steve and I are going to a wine and cheese party. I'm excited! It's being hosted by our friend Ryan who splits his time between PA and China. What he does in each location, I'm not sure, but I bought sparkly tights for the occasion! Tee hee.

And tomorrow I plan to go to an art workshop for families of any size and artistic ability because a) it's something to do, and b) I can scope out the gallery for and outing with Bobbie and Jay. I'm going to try not to sleep in too late or chicken out because I'll be a one-person family.

I'm feeling quite accomplished today for two reasons. One is that I suggested a song for my coworker and fiance's first dance at their wedding, and they're taking it! They had been stressed about it for some time. (It Had to Be You, Harry Connick, Jr.'s version.) And the other is because we recently submitted an application for an anti-homophobia grant that includes a mini-bio of yours truly that totally provides a nice little pump to the ego: "Nina is a Community Educator and Outreach Worker with a background in teen HIV/AIDS education as well as experience in advocacy for HIV-positive individuals in New England. With a bachelor of arts in Public Communication from Boston’s Northeastern University, Nina wrote and produced a sexuality-themed talk show for the campus television station and has delivered presentations to groups of all ages, from a handful to hundreds of people. Her role in the implementation of this grant will be through giving presentations on the topic and doing outreach throughout the state of Delaware." Damn.


Jules said...

First, joining the gym = great idea. Trust me, the first couple of time i went it sucked. But now I'm sleeping better and actually feel less stressed out!

Also way to go on the right up in the grant application. What the wrote out about you makes you really look like the superstar you are!

futuregirl said...

Your bio rocks!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) I don't have the kind of inventory for craft fairs, plus I'm a little anti-social (you wouldn't have guessed that, probably ...). Welcome to Philly!

Madmom said...

Your write up makes me proud to be your Mom! Sounds like job security to me.
Remember I need the address.

Carrieann said...

Good for people to know.