Thursday, December 13, 2007


Do You Know Gym?
So I joined a gym last night (slightly later in the week than intended, but I had been paralyzed by a killer headache each evening before). Steve and I went to Bally's to check out their too good to be true offer of $18 down, $18 a month AND give a friend a free membership deal. It was, in fact, not true. They did have a pretty reasonable deal, but Planet Fitness had a better one, and the salesman/personal trainer/nutritionist/crazy man that gave us the tour of Bally's was scary. He seriously could have been a character on SNL. He wouldn't let us get a word in, he couldn't pronounce "big" words like "initial," he messed up all of the calculations when it came to membership fees (he almost got a pass on that one, since I'm terrible at math, but this is his JOB), and he would go on diatribes about diets and working different muscle groups. He also revealed that he was 19 years old and had been going to that gym for 4 years. I seriously suspect he dropped out of school to work out. Hey, more power to him: I can't mention that I have four certifications 12 times in one conversation!

Anyway, I ended up joining Planet Fitness, which is between work and home, for $59 down, $10 a month, no contract. Pretty sweeeet. They also give away free bagels every so many Tuesdays, and free pizza every so many Fridays (kind of funny for a gym, I know, but it is the "Judgement-Free Zone"). They also have tanning and massage chairs (which I could have gotten unlimited use of with another membership, but I'm going to assess my needs first. I can always upgrade). AND they're open 24-hours during the week and have decent hours on the weekends, too. Nice to know you can go running if you can't sleep. Haha.

Skin Update
Last Friday, my skin was SO BAD, that I went to CVS and spent too much on new products. But I can't really say "too much," since this stuff is working absolute wonders! My new skin-care lineup:

1. Cetaphil (or CVS knockoff) face wash. It softens as it cleanses!

2. Cetaphil moisturizing cream (on my face).

3. Whole Food Daily Multivitamin (which I should have been taking all along).

4. Evening Primrose Oil gel caps (with breakfast and dinner).

Why is it only when you have an "after" product to show off that you think to take a "before" picture? Oh well, that just means I have no evidence of having horrifying skin.

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