Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Go, Australian Scientists, Go!!!

I found this today on-- where else?-- Broadsheet:

Someday, bras will be writing this blog
Bras have been on my mind lately. (Also, on my back. Bah-DUM-dum.) I recently wrote a story about getting fitted for a bra. And today, what crosses my glittery pink desktop but a story about the "intelligent bra," a futuristic brassiere that has sensors in the fabric and adjusts for maximum comfort and support. Whoa, welcome to the future: No jet-pack, but supersonic lingerie! Women of all cup sizes can get behind this. The intelligent bra sounds like one of those Sharper Image chairs, but for your boobs. Ladies and gentlemen, I am so in. Now, whether you consider a healthy 33-year-old woman complaining about her giant rack to be interesting or totally annoying, you cannot argue with me that it makes exercise more difficult. As for running, I think I speak for large-breasted women everywhere when I say: "Ouch."

This exciting news about jet-pack bras follows a story from October about doctors in the U.K. working on a bra that actually detects cancer. This means that, in the future, my bras might actually be smarter and more supportive than 80 percent of the men I have dated. Huzzah!

In the meantime, one benefit of writing about having big boobs is that people e-mail you thoughts on where to shop. Tips for my big-busted sisters (and brothers!): The Le Mystere Dream Tisha Bra and the selection at And with that -- ta-ta for now.

-- Sarah Hepola

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