Thursday, December 6, 2007


I COMPLETELY forgot to talk about how Frakenbra (great name, Bobbie) feels in my last post!

Let me put it this way: I certainly had a certain glow when I wore it yesterday. Unfortunately, though, because my extreme level of frugality, Goliath's cup is more than just a little too small. But the creation is still a vast improvement from what I had been wearing and what is on the market right now.

Under clothes, I think the asymmetrical essence of my goodies is slightly more noticeable in Frakenbra (if you know what to look for), BUT, when I take it off at the end of the day, my breasts don't breathe that sigh of relief (I swear I hear it) associated with sweet freedom. Seriously-- I could have been using duct tape before, and it would have felt the same.

I should give Vick's a try...I have used some Aveeno with menthol in the past and don't recall it's effectiveness. The best product I have found so far is Vaseline's Intensive Care Advanced Healing Lotion. The CVS knock-off is also great, although they were out last time I went, so I got another CVS imitation of Vaseline, and have not been very happy with it. The real quest is what to use on my face. Augh.

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