Thursday, December 27, 2007

Exmas Recap

So Christmas was a success! Steve's family wasn't too awkward, though I will say that opening presents was certainly an experience. Between his mom getting me extremely gendered kitchen towels, "Born to shop; forced to cook," and his sister being incredibly ungrateful "A mug. Okay." (not from me), it was a bit tough to get through. BUT, I did get some awesome stuff like a delightfully cozy bathrobe (I've been wanting one), the same mug his sister got (which I loved because it says: "I'm tired and I want a cookie"), and a coat rack from Steve and Rob-- finally! My family got me awesome stuff, too, like a crock pot and corresponding cookbook, some amazing makeup I asked for, and some oh-so-glorious money.

The highlight of the presents, though, was a pair of earrings from Steve. They're little hoops that are mobius strips, which symbolize eternity. "It's a lovely way to say forever," is what the little card that came with them said. I've been itching for a symbolic token of commitment for some time now (no, not an engagement ring), and I'm really pleased to have gotten one. Unfortunately, the earrings are posts, which I can't wear comfortably because of my super-sensitive skin. What's amazing though, is that the little hoop fits perfectly onto my finger! So I've made it a promise ring and am going to see if a jeweler can put some (inexpensive) finishing touches on it to make it more of an actual ring and not a make-shift one (some melding and sizing, if necessary).

A mobius strip:

Oh, and because I don't believe that I should be the only one to get a token for a mutual commitment, I got Steve a pin, circa 1989, of Bret Michaels. I asked him to be my Rock of Love. He wears it on his favorite hoodie. Haha.

Bret Michaels:

In other news, I got a TERRIBLE cold over the holiday and had to stay home from work yesterday. I wish I could have today, too, but my 90 days aren't up until Saturday, so I don't have any sick time yet. It's cool though, I'm taking all of my sick time that doesn't roll over to 2008 on Monday to prepare for the New Year's Eve party at our house. Hollaaaaaaaa!

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