Friday, December 28, 2007

Chick Lit

I really should write a book and call it, "Another Book About A Girl Whose Friends Are All Getting Married." I think it'd be a real page-turner.

It could be a journal of all the details that I get sucked into (happily): I could chronicle the outfits I wear and report on how well they were received (5 dance invitations, 2 phone numbers, 3 requests to borrow it, etc.). I could turn into a sort of restaurant critic, but review the menu choices at each reception. I can do side-by-side comparisons of the most romantic and/or effective sand ceremonies. I could make a list of the top [insert appropriate number here] songs played, as well as a list of songs that should never, EVER be played (I already started this one: Butterfly Kisses).

It probably sounds like I'm complaining, but I am completely serious (and excited, mind you) about this possibility. While the book will be about yet another bridesmaid/guest, it will actually become the quintessential tool for brides the world over. I can see it now, "OMG, Billy, this Nina girl says that our cake topper of me dragging you by the collar is tacky and overdone! We have to get a new one!"

My angle will be completely new, too, because instead of being the protagonist that just got brutally dumped by what she thought was her perfect partner and doomed to an eternity of singledom, I am a girl in a ridiculously happy relationship that already resembles a marriage (or so I've been told). I am a girl without a diamond on her finger, but with complete confidence in the future of her relationship. Instead of being bitter and jealous of the happy couple, this protagonist is loving and overjoyed that her friends have chosen to make their commitment recognized by the state, and, in some cases, an omniscient being.

I say, bring on the brides! Let's say 'I do' to a book deal, shall we?


Bobbie said...

Huzzah. I will help you research! Or maybe write the sequel.... about BABIES. Yikes. Miss you and your blog. xoxo.

Diana said...

*wonders how her wedding will rank*

That would be a fun book to read!