Monday, November 26, 2007

Tree-light Delight

I had a massive headache for the last couple hours of work. Blah. But it's gone now. I came home and made dinner (shells and broccoli in cream of mushroom soup experiment) and...UNPACKED MY BOX FROM FRESNO!!!

That's right, the box of wrapped presents my family sent to me and Steve arrived today. Good thing I decorated and set up my funkadelic tree yesterday, or the presents would have nothing to lounge under!

Annnnd that's really all I feel like saying right now. Oh, except: Thank goodness Project Runway is back!



Bobbie said...


AAAAAAAAAH I need cable. Not that I need another show to obsess about... I already watch way, way too many (and that is without Nip/Tuck because I lack FX... geez... why are you producing amazing shows ABC?! WHYYYYYY?!)

xoxoxoxo... (Jealous of your tree/decorating... I am skipping it this year b/c of work and the fact that I won't be around)..

Bobbie said...

Oh my goodness. Cuuuuute! And so many presents!!! Man, presents are great.

Bobbie said...

The cable knit ones or the pom ones (which I first read as porn... the two words really look the same in the tiny type that Sheldon uses pom porn ... really really similar looking)? I like the cable knit ones... I wonder if they have those bad boys in the store?

Madmom said...

Beautiful tree and Santa came early! Glad the box arrived safe and sound, even if it was oversized. Did you like your fruit? Eat up my little Pix!

Bobbie said...

The last one I was ever in, the summer before senior year of college...? I found out the day I was leaving for grad school.... did I not mention that? How is that possible?

Laura said...

AAAAgh the tree!!! It looks amazing! And man I miss project runway haha. And House.

Anyway! A+ on know I love it.

-Moi. xoxoxo