Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Boot time!

You like those Red Light District tights, eh?

Anyway, my day:
Roll into work (early, as usual), and catch up on my Broadsheet reading. Discuss a project that was back-burnered with boss, and start it back up with a sudden 3:00 deadline. Work with fury. Take lunch. Work with fury. More than meet deadline, but discover new issues that need to be fixed. New deadline: sometime tomorrow. Go to meeting until end of day. Take would-be donated shoes, skirt, and top from boss. Niiiice.

I now have a serious stomachache (stomach ache? stomach-ache?), probably from eating the same thing for dinner as I ate for lunch today and dinner yesterday. Damn financial woes! I wonder if Steve got me Flamin' Hot Cheetos when he went to Wawa last night...

I DID, however, have probably THE most delicious pomegranate of my life last night, thanks to the woman that provided me with 9 months lodging in her womb. I almost blogged about the pomegranate-- and only the pomegranate-- last night before bed. Since I didn't: You're welcome.

Some things I'm looking forward to (in the near future):
+Pushing Daisies and Project Runway on backtoback tonight!
+Friday's luncheon with Hydeia Broadbent.
+Seeing Enchanted on Friday with my coworker, Diana.
+Going to a CD/DVD/book swap in Philly on Saturday.
+My interview with a dance company for a position as an outreach dance instructor at a local YMCA (Saturdays, starting in January; pre-ballet and jazz).



Bobbie said...

There are so many things to say I don't know where to begin.

Okay, here goes... I LOVE THOSE BOOTS ON YOU! With the tights... geez... you are so rock and roll! I need to wear my boots soon (there hasn't been a good opportunity yet... they make my legs really, really hot).

Also, <3 Pushing Daisies... so fun... watching right now. :)

I am jealous of your fruit. (Really jealous.) And sad that you are punless. But happy because I love your blog and will be visiting soon. And wondering what size/color of the boots that you are definitely not getting for Christmas you would most enjoy if you were getting them which you definitely are not?

Madmom said...

Outreach dance instructor? Could you find a more fitting parttime job for you? No, I don't think so.
Those boots are perfect and those tights are something!
I think I may have to send you more pomegranates just for my sweet Bobbie.

Bobbie said...

Dawww. You are the sweet one!