Monday, November 12, 2007


Today was a glorious day. Today was the day that I stumbled upon my friendly neighborhood Home Goods. My life has officially begun.

Work and social activities are already filling up next year's agenda, whether I'm prepared with a new planner or not. The notes section at the back of my 2007 lover (seriously-- it completes me) was full of next year's plans, and worse: out of order. So it was off to Barnes and Noble, which, surprisingly, had nothing to my liking. I realized there was a Home Goods right next door when I parked my car (cue the angels), and decided to take a gander after I left B&N utterly empty handed.

I found TONS of great stuff (of course), but most importantly: Holiday cards (which I had on a list for a future excursion), AND a lovely 2008 planner (which was unexpected). No coffee table though, which is what I was really hoping for, but tons of inspiration and stuff in "the back" that was clearly not ready for the viewing and purchasing pleasure of yours truly. Sigh.

In other, also exciting news: I did a mock presentation for my department today and can now officially give presentations unchaperoned. Whoo!


Bobbie said...

Awoohoo! Congratulations on the new planner! I am slowly making the switch away from my agenda lover to iCalendar... isn't that insane? I can't fully commit though... because what about when I'm out and trying to make plans... hmm? I have yet to solve this dilemma.

Jay and I had a chat about visiting today and it looks like it is a go! We are thinking most likely about driving up the 14th (at night) and staying Saturday/Sunday and require lots of Nina time and perhaps a little visit to the art museum (b/c I have never been).... if all of that is okay with you... we are still working out the logistics.


Jules said...

hey hun!

address is:

593 Centre St, Apt #2
Jamaica Plain, Ma

Glad to hear the Philly is going well and the planner is filling up!