Sunday, November 11, 2007

Good Will Haircut

So funny. Bobbie and I got our hurr did at (pretty much) the same time yesterday. Here's my new 'do (not fully styled, but you get the idea):

Look familiar? That's right, I'm back to The Nina. And it feels so good.

Last week was pretty hectic (a welcome change from my previous weeks at work that made me feel like snail). Four presentations were sprung on me to prepare, and I did a set of presentations to high school football players on Thursday. It was really interesting: some were very open to the lecture (though I hate calling it that; it makes me feel so authoritative) and participated a lot, and some were very defensive and closed off. But for the most part, I had an awesome time with these guys. The bipolar audience is to be expected when it comes to topics like condoms and dental dams anyway.

Weekend = Steve's gigs (both awesome), and now I'm just chillin, enjoying my coffee and contemplating laundry (I don't really have a choice on that one).

Oh! I also went to Goodwill yesterday and found some nice housewares to complete the look of my dining room centerpiece (plus a fun rice bowl from Japan), and threw an adorable trench coat into the mix. Every working woman needs a fabulous trench in her wardrobe!

Here's another for good measure (I would add more, but the image upload thing pretty much stopped working after this one):
Okay, here's another:


Bobbie said...

Ooooooh! You are back to the Nina and I am back to the Bobbie and order has been restored in the universe... for now. Now if we could only get the Bobbie and the Nina together - we would really have something.

I am loving your goodwill purchases... aaaand your blog post with pictures! It is so fun to be able to pretend to be in your life still on the day to day... without blogging, how would I see your table? Hmm?

I'm going to go listen to Unbreak my Heart again and have some hummus. Wish you were here.

Madmom said...

Ahhh, my Nina is back! Love the hair Pix! Looking forward to chatting with you this pm.

curiously carolyn said...

There is just no arguing with Classic Nina. Probably because it is classically cute!