Friday, November 2, 2007

Good News/Bad News

The Good: I am potentially helping two brides-to-be with some wedding planning dirty work.

The Bad: One of them has chosen a bridesmaid that happens to be Steve's ex-girlfriend.

This could get ugly.


Bobbie said...

Springer, Springer, Springer!


Right... ahem.

Killer black flats? Surprisingly.... no! I have been looking around forever now! and I saw some Nine West ones at TJ Maxx a while back but didn't buy them because I was/am trying to horde money away... and now? nothing! I am going to the biggest mall evah (well, not really, but it is quite large) tomorrow and will keep you in mind!

Madmom said...

It does sound like it could be a Springer moment.

Keep me posted.