Thursday, November 22, 2007

Dig In!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!

Family: I miss you and wish I could be home for what sounds like one of the most crowded tables in the history of 5712.

Friends: I miss you and would like to thank those of you that hosted me on past Thanksgivings: Carolyn and fam, Laura and fam, and Julie and Jared for post-Thanksgiving dinner last year. All feasts were delicious!

Strangers: Happy Thanksgiving; make my blog famous.

Nina B.


Laura said...

Always a pleasure, Louise #2 ;-D

Did you have fun this year with your very own holiday?

Jules said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you (and Steve)too babe!!

Hope you had a lovely time with Steve's family. Oh and I know what it's like to feel anxious about spending the holidays with the bf's family. But honestly Nina, who could not love you? You'll do fabulously I'm sure!!!