Friday, November 30, 2007

Quotey McQuoterstein

I was just reading Jamye Waxman's Sex Matters blog (see my favorites), and came across a statement she made that I can TOTALLY relate to:
"See, I’m a really social person but sometimes I have anti-social tendencies. And tonight is/was one of those times. Which kind of sucked, because there I was in a room full of progressive and amazing...performers, writers, weirdos and intellectuals and all I wanted to do was be here, at home. But really I wish I wanted to be out having fun because, well, it would have been fun to want to have fun tonight. So why couldn’t I get my brain wrapped around being out and having fun?"

I hate it when that happens! "It would have been fun to to want to have fun." It's just so hard to force it. About a month ago, Steve, Rob, their/our friend Matt, and I were going to go to an ice cream house-warming party, and right after we bought our supplies (tubs and tubs of ice cream), I asked Steve to drop me off at home because I was completely unable to suck it up and go. I wanted to want to go so badly, but I just didn't.

Anyway, I wanted to post that before I forgot about it. I am very much in the fun-having mood now (and lately), so don't you worry.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Boot time!

You like those Red Light District tights, eh?

Anyway, my day:
Roll into work (early, as usual), and catch up on my Broadsheet reading. Discuss a project that was back-burnered with boss, and start it back up with a sudden 3:00 deadline. Work with fury. Take lunch. Work with fury. More than meet deadline, but discover new issues that need to be fixed. New deadline: sometime tomorrow. Go to meeting until end of day. Take would-be donated shoes, skirt, and top from boss. Niiiice.

I now have a serious stomachache (stomach ache? stomach-ache?), probably from eating the same thing for dinner as I ate for lunch today and dinner yesterday. Damn financial woes! I wonder if Steve got me Flamin' Hot Cheetos when he went to Wawa last night...

I DID, however, have probably THE most delicious pomegranate of my life last night, thanks to the woman that provided me with 9 months lodging in her womb. I almost blogged about the pomegranate-- and only the pomegranate-- last night before bed. Since I didn't: You're welcome.

Some things I'm looking forward to (in the near future):
+Pushing Daisies and Project Runway on backtoback tonight!
+Friday's luncheon with Hydeia Broadbent.
+Seeing Enchanted on Friday with my coworker, Diana.
+Going to a CD/DVD/book swap in Philly on Saturday.
+My interview with a dance company for a position as an outreach dance instructor at a local YMCA (Saturdays, starting in January; pre-ballet and jazz).


Monday, November 26, 2007

Tree-light Delight

I had a massive headache for the last couple hours of work. Blah. But it's gone now. I came home and made dinner (shells and broccoli in cream of mushroom soup experiment) and...UNPACKED MY BOX FROM FRESNO!!!

That's right, the box of wrapped presents my family sent to me and Steve arrived today. Good thing I decorated and set up my funkadelic tree yesterday, or the presents would have nothing to lounge under!

Annnnd that's really all I feel like saying right now. Oh, except: Thank goodness Project Runway is back!


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Dig In!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!

Family: I miss you and wish I could be home for what sounds like one of the most crowded tables in the history of 5712.

Friends: I miss you and would like to thank those of you that hosted me on past Thanksgivings: Carolyn and fam, Laura and fam, and Julie and Jared for post-Thanksgiving dinner last year. All feasts were delicious!

Strangers: Happy Thanksgiving; make my blog famous.

Nina B.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I wish a was a baller

I want to have a famous blog. Like the kind that strangers read when they're looking busy at work. Of course, that would require me to post about things strangers actually know about, and not the ins and outs of my life. I would probably also need a specific topic, and all of you know that I'm a bit of a commitmentphobe (Steve = fluke).

I was a little bummed yesterday because I learned Monday that Steve's getting the boot from The Screamers. After the lead singer/booking agent business and pleasure cocktail went bad, the band got a new booking agent. This guy had nothing but criticism for the ENTIRE band, but the solution was to replace Steve, the rhythm guitarist, with a keyboardist. LAME. I really thought this band was going to be different from the other space-cadets he's worked with before. So now he's on the lookout for a new band.

On a more positive note, though, Steve was offered a job as a guitar instructor for a very fancy music school in Philly. And now that he won't have to worry about practice and gigs for a little bit, he can take on more students. NOT LAME. It really makes you think about those windows of opportunity and other cliched crap like that.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Classy lady...

After a loooong day (11.5 hours) of work (4 presentations on birth control to high school freshmen), I arrived home to a glorious package new boots! I love them, though I have yet to see them complete an outfit other than my pajamas. I'm sure they'll do great. Time to plan my outfit for tomorrow!

Oh, and a big THANK YOU to the mum. Happy birthday to me!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thoughts on the Holidays

Oh man, I freakin love the holidays. As I was driving home from work on Friday, hungry for dinner, I realized that this Thursday is THANKSGIVING! The fourth Thursday of November is my favorite holiday for these reasons:

1. Food.
2. Weather.
3. You get the day off (if you don't work at a hotel, yay!) to cook/watch people cook/watch TV and eat. Oh, and give thanks for things you should be thankful for, like not working at a hotel and having the day off.
4. Thanksgiving is the gateway to Christmas and its sister holidays like the eight days of Hanukkah, the seven days of Kwanzaa, the Day of Santa, Christmas eve, and everything else, religious and commercial alike, including the debauchery of the New Year. Holla.
5. Leftovers.

Also, the holidays give people the perfect excuse to use up their personal days, splurge on transportation, and spend way too much time in malls so that they can visit their loved ones and shower them with gifts (and/or lovin). Unfortunately, I do not have any personal days, nor do I have the money to splurge, so, for the very first time in my life, I will not be home for the holidays. Instead, I will be spending both Thanksgiving (which isn't a first) and Christmas (which is) with Steve's family. And that's a nervous post in itself.

To soften the blow, Steve and I are taking a weekend trip to NYC after Thanksgiving because...why not? We'll be too early for tree-lighting, but eh-- that's probably overrated anyway. We're mainly going to ring in our third year together (awwww). The BIG news, though, the real blow-softener, is that Bobbie and Jay are coming to visit in mid-December!!!

I'm preparing myself to be tour guide in a city I still barely know, which is very exciting. I plan to take them to at least two museums, the public market, and of course, South Street for (window) shopping, cheese steaks, and people-watching. It is truly something to look forward to, and I'm about to pee my pants in excitement.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Today was a glorious day. Today was the day that I stumbled upon my friendly neighborhood Home Goods. My life has officially begun.

Work and social activities are already filling up next year's agenda, whether I'm prepared with a new planner or not. The notes section at the back of my 2007 lover (seriously-- it completes me) was full of next year's plans, and worse: out of order. So it was off to Barnes and Noble, which, surprisingly, had nothing to my liking. I realized there was a Home Goods right next door when I parked my car (cue the angels), and decided to take a gander after I left B&N utterly empty handed.

I found TONS of great stuff (of course), but most importantly: Holiday cards (which I had on a list for a future excursion), AND a lovely 2008 planner (which was unexpected). No coffee table though, which is what I was really hoping for, but tons of inspiration and stuff in "the back" that was clearly not ready for the viewing and purchasing pleasure of yours truly. Sigh.

In other, also exciting news: I did a mock presentation for my department today and can now officially give presentations unchaperoned. Whoo!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I'm sexy! I'm cute! I'm popular to boot!

I really want these $110 boots. They've been sitting in my Zappos shopping cart for a while now, but I just can't bring myself to 1) spend that much money on anything and 2) spend that much money on anything I can't try on first.

But they did get rave reviews...

Good Will Haircut

So funny. Bobbie and I got our hurr did at (pretty much) the same time yesterday. Here's my new 'do (not fully styled, but you get the idea):

Look familiar? That's right, I'm back to The Nina. And it feels so good.

Last week was pretty hectic (a welcome change from my previous weeks at work that made me feel like snail). Four presentations were sprung on me to prepare, and I did a set of presentations to high school football players on Thursday. It was really interesting: some were very open to the lecture (though I hate calling it that; it makes me feel so authoritative) and participated a lot, and some were very defensive and closed off. But for the most part, I had an awesome time with these guys. The bipolar audience is to be expected when it comes to topics like condoms and dental dams anyway.

Weekend = Steve's gigs (both awesome), and now I'm just chillin, enjoying my coffee and contemplating laundry (I don't really have a choice on that one).

Oh! I also went to Goodwill yesterday and found some nice housewares to complete the look of my dining room centerpiece (plus a fun rice bowl from Japan), and threw an adorable trench coat into the mix. Every working woman needs a fabulous trench in her wardrobe!

Here's another for good measure (I would add more, but the image upload thing pretty much stopped working after this one):
Okay, here's another:

Friday, November 2, 2007


Please read/watch the Emily X blog. Today's post was done from my place of employment, and the man in the video is our doc!

Good News/Bad News

The Good: I am potentially helping two brides-to-be with some wedding planning dirty work.

The Bad: One of them has chosen a bridesmaid that happens to be Steve's ex-girlfriend.

This could get ugly.