Sunday, October 21, 2007


Wow, there is NO WAY I can keep up with Bobbie's blogging pace. I should call her Bloggie, instead. Get it?!

Anyway, yesterday was a glorious day in good ol' PA. It felt like fall (again), so Steve and I ventured to Chesnut Hill, a town that we passed through when we were abode-hunting that completely took my breath away. The cobblestone street is lined with shop after shop (none of which I spent any money in-- not even credit card company money!), and there are amazing-looking homes, schools, and churches tucked away along the main road. We were even able to take a quick drive through New Covenant Church (which is also a boarding school, I think?), and I took a couple pictures. Isn't it gorgeous?

The battery in my camera was almost out of juice, and I was sneaking the pictures anyway, so I only got two, but trust me: the whole campus looks like a cluster of castles.

From Chestnut Hill, we headed out to Steve's gig in the town next to Scranton, which is where The Office is based. No wonder those characters' lives are so boring! But the gig was actually AWESOME, and I had a great time.

Okay, final news for the day: I've decided that I would like to get a tattoo. I've been toying with the idea for years, but I'm finally ready to do it. Well, almost ready, since the design isn't done, but I'm totally going to do it. What I want is a ginkgo leaf in a mendhi design. I'm having trouble doing this without it completely looking like a fan, but it'll happen. I don't want it outlined in black, I just want the whole thing to be the reddish brown henna color. And it's most likely going on my back, right above the bra clasps. Niiiiiiice.


Bobbie said...


Good grief. *makes that face - you know the one*

I can't help it - I am blogging to avoid working on my paper. A paper I should be writing now...



That's right, finally something OMG worthy.

Why won't more of our friends blog, dammit? Blogs are grrrrrreat.

Madmom said...

A tatoo? Make sure you are ready for the long term commitment by commitment phob Pix!

Madmom said...

I meant "my" commitment phob Pix.

Laura said...

(Look at me, I'm reading your blog!)
But whatever happened to the bee with the lacey wings? :-D