Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thanks, Hobs

So I've been reading my (and maybe our) dear friend Bobbie's blog, and have loved every second of it. We may not have the time and/or energy for regular emails or phone calls, so a blog is the perfect way to stay in touch. I used to have one (on, gasp!) that kept me in touch with all of my friends throughout California, Nevada, and Hawaii back when I was in high school, but my readership dwindled as we all headed off to college and the real world and made new friends and discovered new interests. But now that I live in Philly and work Delaware, I am far away from the people I once chose over updating my blog on xanga. And so, the cycle starts again (though I don't plan to lose touch with this group of readers). Welcome!

An update en media res: I live with my boyfriend Steve, and his best friend Rob in a house in a quaint little community outside Philadelphia. Rob is rarely home, and when he is, I'm usually at work or asleep, so Steve and I practically have the place to ourselves. I work for Planned Parenthood of Delaware as a Community Educator and Outreach Worker, which has been a professional goal of mine since I knew the job existed. (Condom demonstrations? Yes, please!) I never though in a MILLION years that I would end up working in "the first state," but hey: here I am. And I love it.

I don't have any hobbies yet because I don't have any money yet (it's coming!), but I plan on finding something fun and exciting as soon as I can afford it. Perhaps go back to dance class, or maybe take some classes in basket-weaving or sculpting. Something artsy. Or MAYBE I'll just get a part-time job doing something interesting like being an instructor at Curves or doing retail at a second-hand store. I'm actually liking that, because then I get money and a hobby at the same time! I think my mind is made up.

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Bobbie said...

Woohoo!! Loving that you have a blog! I am so excited. We should pressure everyone into blogging... I won't let "The Elite" be destroyed by time and space.