Saturday, October 27, 2007

Nice try, protesters

It has been raining here for four days straight. Its let up a little from time to time here in PA, but its been non-stop in DE. I expected a day or two of rain, and then a good deal of fall weather (since it seems like it gets colder and colder after each rainy day), but instead the rain just decided to stay. Yesterday was especially bad (or good, since it is the exciting, sexy kind of rain) because it was a loooong day that involved a lot of driving to places I had never driven before.

PPDE was having thier (our..hehe) annual Chocolate Festival, and it was someplace pretty close, with seemingly simple directions, but the rain and lack of signage in the entire state of Delaware made it very difficult to find. I must say, and this is probably the only time I will say this, thank goodness for the protesters standing in front of the gates leading to the venue. I wouldn't have found the place if it weren't for their "Planned Murder" signs and the squad car that was keeping an eye on them, flashing lights and all. Thanks PoPo!

So after the festival (which was great fun-- I schmoozed with probably the ditziest board member of any organization ever, witnessed a few coworkers drunk on chocolate martinis, and met certain colleagues' enigmatic partners that I've been hearing so much about), it was off to Bridgeton, NJ, where Steve was playing a show at the infamous, annual, "Angela's Party," which used to happen several times a year, but since that crowd's getting old and boring, only happens once now. He played with two former bandmates for that night only. Those guys are great, though, and they played an awesome set. (And Steve sang! Well!)

ANYWAY, the drive from Delaware to New Jersey was CRAZY. The rain was coming down so hard that I had my wipers on ludicrous speed, and my jaw was clenched so tightly, it was sore by the time I arrived at the pub. I had been there before, but I 1) didn't drive, 2) wasn't coming from a secluded mansion in Delaware, and 3) wasn't dealing with rain of doom. But I made it, safe and sound (despite several wrong turns), and you know what? I made it home to Philly in the wee hours of this morning, too.

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So now the rain persists. I don't really have any plans today except to paint my nails (why not?), and tonight I'm going to House of Blues in Atlantic City for some grub (with the Solof's) and entertainment (by a Solof).

Happy Saturday!


Bobbie said...

New blooooooog poooooooost.... neeeeeed new pooooooooosting.... *cries*

Bobbie said...

New blooooooog poooooooost.... neeeeeed new pooooooooosting.... *cries*