Monday, October 29, 2007

With Open Arms

As the passenger on the drive home from New Jersey on Sunday (yes, I was there again), I did a lot of thinking. I thought about Steve, his friends, work, my goals, my friends, and my family, and for the first time since moving here from Boston, I felt comfortable with my choice.

Sure, good (nay, GREAT) things have happened since the move, but there was always some part of me filled with doubt and, maybe not regret, but an aftertaste of the move that was not so tasty. I was in very bad shape our first couple of weeks down here. Without friends, a job, a car, or a real sense of direction (physical direction/knowledge of the area), I became dependent on Steve and was overly sensitive and extra insulted when he wouldn't ask if I wanted anything from the store or introduce me to people at social events (this still bothers me, but he's improving and I have taken these responsibilities into my own hands more, too).

This weekend, after House of Blues, Steve and I hung out with a couple he's been friends with for a long time. I've also known them for a couple years, but not much more deeply than what would come from an occasional visit to Steve's hometown. On Saturday, though, these two were so hospitable, for the first time ever, I didn't feel like Steve's accessory that certain hometown friends may or may not take notice of.

The next day, after staying at our friends' apartment in Ocean City, Steve and I took a stroll on the boardwalk and enjoyed some quality time together. Sitting on the beach, I was so satisfied with how I had chosen to spend my weekend, and, ultimately, my life. The decision to move to Philadelphia made more sense than it ever had, and while I miss my friends in Boston, and I still wonder "What if?" when thinking about the option to move closer to my family (and other friends) in California, I've accepted and embraced my new life with Journey-like enthusiasm.

Just yesterday, a certain co-worker asked me where I consider home. And while the answer will always be, in part, California, this weekend was the turning point for the answer to be, in part, here.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Nice try, protesters

It has been raining here for four days straight. Its let up a little from time to time here in PA, but its been non-stop in DE. I expected a day or two of rain, and then a good deal of fall weather (since it seems like it gets colder and colder after each rainy day), but instead the rain just decided to stay. Yesterday was especially bad (or good, since it is the exciting, sexy kind of rain) because it was a loooong day that involved a lot of driving to places I had never driven before.

PPDE was having thier (our..hehe) annual Chocolate Festival, and it was someplace pretty close, with seemingly simple directions, but the rain and lack of signage in the entire state of Delaware made it very difficult to find. I must say, and this is probably the only time I will say this, thank goodness for the protesters standing in front of the gates leading to the venue. I wouldn't have found the place if it weren't for their "Planned Murder" signs and the squad car that was keeping an eye on them, flashing lights and all. Thanks PoPo!

So after the festival (which was great fun-- I schmoozed with probably the ditziest board member of any organization ever, witnessed a few coworkers drunk on chocolate martinis, and met certain colleagues' enigmatic partners that I've been hearing so much about), it was off to Bridgeton, NJ, where Steve was playing a show at the infamous, annual, "Angela's Party," which used to happen several times a year, but since that crowd's getting old and boring, only happens once now. He played with two former bandmates for that night only. Those guys are great, though, and they played an awesome set. (And Steve sang! Well!)

ANYWAY, the drive from Delaware to New Jersey was CRAZY. The rain was coming down so hard that I had my wipers on ludicrous speed, and my jaw was clenched so tightly, it was sore by the time I arrived at the pub. I had been there before, but I 1) didn't drive, 2) wasn't coming from a secluded mansion in Delaware, and 3) wasn't dealing with rain of doom. But I made it, safe and sound (despite several wrong turns), and you know what? I made it home to Philly in the wee hours of this morning, too.

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So now the rain persists. I don't really have any plans today except to paint my nails (why not?), and tonight I'm going to House of Blues in Atlantic City for some grub (with the Solof's) and entertainment (by a Solof).

Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Judy Duty

Something very big happened today.

After a very long drive home from work (which really wasn't that long in time, but it's been raining all day and drivers get IDIOTIC in the rain), I arrived at my darling abode. The mail had not yet been retrieved, so went ahead and brought it in. After days of not receiving anything (which is good, since it's usually only bills), I found a pretty yellow envelope addressed to me. The return address: Steve's mom.

Inside was a 'happy new home' card and a check for a very generous sum of money. Now, I don't want to say that Judy's buying my love, but I will say that I think that maaaaybe she is expressing her love for me monetarily. And that. is. big.

I have had a very hard time getting this woman to even act like she likes me (who knows if she ever really did?), and I think I may have finally gotten through. This is one for the books.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


And to answer Laura's question about the original tattoo design idea of a bee with lacy wings:

Early Christmas

Thanks to my dearest mum, I bought a pair of shoes I have been thinking about for a month and a half yesterday as an early Christmas present. The sad part: they're from Target and only cost $20. Whatever man, they get to live in their box when they're not on my feet like the more expensive pairs do because I love them that much.

PS. If you clicked the link, they're WAY cuter on/in person. Perhaps I will post a picture of myself wearing them later.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Wow, there is NO WAY I can keep up with Bobbie's blogging pace. I should call her Bloggie, instead. Get it?!

Anyway, yesterday was a glorious day in good ol' PA. It felt like fall (again), so Steve and I ventured to Chesnut Hill, a town that we passed through when we were abode-hunting that completely took my breath away. The cobblestone street is lined with shop after shop (none of which I spent any money in-- not even credit card company money!), and there are amazing-looking homes, schools, and churches tucked away along the main road. We were even able to take a quick drive through New Covenant Church (which is also a boarding school, I think?), and I took a couple pictures. Isn't it gorgeous?

The battery in my camera was almost out of juice, and I was sneaking the pictures anyway, so I only got two, but trust me: the whole campus looks like a cluster of castles.

From Chestnut Hill, we headed out to Steve's gig in the town next to Scranton, which is where The Office is based. No wonder those characters' lives are so boring! But the gig was actually AWESOME, and I had a great time.

Okay, final news for the day: I've decided that I would like to get a tattoo. I've been toying with the idea for years, but I'm finally ready to do it. Well, almost ready, since the design isn't done, but I'm totally going to do it. What I want is a ginkgo leaf in a mendhi design. I'm having trouble doing this without it completely looking like a fan, but it'll happen. I don't want it outlined in black, I just want the whole thing to be the reddish brown henna color. And it's most likely going on my back, right above the bra clasps. Niiiiiiice.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Hobby Go Lucky

Yay for more interesting page layouts! I was hoping for a chic, clean look with the original layout, but was bored, bored, bored. Dots are WAY cooler.

It is the weekend and I am so excited to sleep! I'd be in better shape if it weren't for the fact that I had a professional (and useless) training two hours away from home yesterday. I woke up at 5:30, and then, when I got home, decided to go out and see a band that sounds like Muse until too late for my own good. I overslept a wee bit this morning, but was still at work early and lookin fabulous at that (amazing what a flower in your hair can do to pull an outfit together).

So I'm working on a new project. Since I'm more or less settled into this new life, I've decided that it's time for a hobby. Life can't be just go to work, go home, eat, watch tv, sleep, and when the weekends roll around, be a groupie to your partner's cover band (although that is great fun). So I've been researching dance studios, community colleges, stuff like that to keep me busy, but I've run into the same problem over and over: registration fees. I'm broke. I can't afford to have a hobby. But then I realized that I know six couples planning to tie the knot next year. Five out of six are in my area, and they're all in different stages of planning. Now, if you're reading this, you know that I'm a little wedding-crazy, so I have decided to extend my extra hands of assistance to these brides-to-be. I just started making my offers today, via email and myspace, but I'm very hopeful that these women are going to jump on my offer with sighs of relief.

If it works out, I will have an amazing hobby that could potentially get my foot in the door for that kind of work, or, at the very least, I'll get some experience for when the time comes to plan my own! Muahahahaha. Whatever happens, I'll have something to do on the weekends besides sleep in too late and watch marathons of Married Away and Whose Wedding is it Anyway?, and that's enough for me.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thanks, Hobs

So I've been reading my (and maybe our) dear friend Bobbie's blog, and have loved every second of it. We may not have the time and/or energy for regular emails or phone calls, so a blog is the perfect way to stay in touch. I used to have one (on, gasp!) that kept me in touch with all of my friends throughout California, Nevada, and Hawaii back when I was in high school, but my readership dwindled as we all headed off to college and the real world and made new friends and discovered new interests. But now that I live in Philly and work Delaware, I am far away from the people I once chose over updating my blog on xanga. And so, the cycle starts again (though I don't plan to lose touch with this group of readers). Welcome!

An update en media res: I live with my boyfriend Steve, and his best friend Rob in a house in a quaint little community outside Philadelphia. Rob is rarely home, and when he is, I'm usually at work or asleep, so Steve and I practically have the place to ourselves. I work for Planned Parenthood of Delaware as a Community Educator and Outreach Worker, which has been a professional goal of mine since I knew the job existed. (Condom demonstrations? Yes, please!) I never though in a MILLION years that I would end up working in "the first state," but hey: here I am. And I love it.

I don't have any hobbies yet because I don't have any money yet (it's coming!), but I plan on finding something fun and exciting as soon as I can afford it. Perhaps go back to dance class, or maybe take some classes in basket-weaving or sculpting. Something artsy. Or MAYBE I'll just get a part-time job doing something interesting like being an instructor at Curves or doing retail at a second-hand store. I'm actually liking that, because then I get money and a hobby at the same time! I think my mind is made up.